5 Reasons Why Laser Christmas Lights Are Better Than Traditional Christmas Lights

Lasers are incredibly simple in design and very easy to use. You don’t have to understand the technology behind the laser to appreciate the benefits it brings. Moreover, with more and more commercially available laser lighting systems, the traditional lighting might even fall out of use, at least speaking of decorations and practical light-effects.

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Why you should choose laser Christmas lights over traditional Christmas lights

There are at the very least five things that make laser Christmas lighting superior to traditional string lights.

First and foremost, there is the small matter of cabling. As you are aware, traditional lights use yards upon yards of wires that connect the individual bulbs, in addition to the power cord itself; some might even have only a foot of cord that ends with an adapter so you can plug it in.


These cables tangle easily, while it takes a lifetime’s worth of frustration to untangle them. They’re the headphones of Christmas decoration. On the other hand, laser lights require no cabling besides what it takes to plug it in. For flexibility, you can always rely on an extension cord.


Secondly, there is the matter of positioning it. Whatever the festivity, most of the decorations usually go up. To mark the occasion traditionally, you need to get a ladder or a high chair and string up the lights from one corner of the room to another, or above doorframes and windows. If you want to highlight a tree or liven up your wall, the matter’s even worse.

Not only do you have to get the ladder, you also have to endure the elements, and while the Independence Day or even Thanksgiving are pleasant to adequate, it’s entirely different business for Christmas. Laser lights cut down the time factor for installing to mere minutes. You go out, mount the projector, point it, and plug it in. No climbing, no hassle.

Adhesive Ability

Thirdly, and this ties in nicely to the previous, to make the string lighting stick whatever surface you want to decorate, you sometimes have to fix it. This is not much of a problem for trees, as you can use branches and twigs to your advantage.

However, even if you make a wonderful night-time display of it, the magic quickly turns to disappointment when you see all those cables like so much debris in daylight.

But what about walls?

Usually, you’d reach for a stapling gun or hammer and drive a couple of nails in it. Though it doesn’t seem like a big deal, this mars the wall and lets moisture sneak in. Contrastively, laser light projectors not only do not require affixations, they can be elegantly hidden among flower patches or low bushes.

Four, laser lights are not susceptible to burnouts. Think about all the times you had a bulb short out on you, sometimes even causing the whole garland to stop working. Not pleasant, is it?

With laser lights, this would be all but impossible. These projectors are very long-lived, most being good for at least 8000 hours of work time, not counting the time spent mounted and off or in storage. Moreover, they’ll give you ample warning before finally fading off, so you can replace them in a timely fashion.


Finally, in the fifth place, there is the small matter of cost-effectiveness. Now, to say that a laser light is more cost-effective than a traditional one is nothing short of an understatement. These types of lighting systems draw only a fraction of the power that a standard bulb does, with the percentage ranging somewhere between ninety and ninety-nine percent.

So, if you’re worried about the bill if you keep it running for hours on end – don’t be.

Those are just five reasons why traditional xmas lighting sucks and you should consider projector-based technology.

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