Hello! My name is Phil Davis. For the last 20 years I’ve been helping Americans install lighting and sound equipment. The last 10 years of that has been spend running my own garden lighting installation company.

phil davis creator of this website.I remember, when I was growing up, my family loved to decorate the hell out of our house. Putting decorations on every conceivable surface.  This required lots of climbing up the ladder, stapling, and messy wiring. Not only was this incredibly tiresome it was even hazardous by today’s safety standards, but we always enjoyed it!

Christmas holds a special place in my heart not only because of the presents and carolling, but because of the generous amounts of time I got to spend with my family. It was basically the only time of the year everyone would drop what they were doing and spend time together.  The only problem was setting up the house for all fifty of my relatives was a giant pain in the ass.

But, I found a better solution.

I used to install high-end Christmas light setups, and I have been installing Christmas laser lighting with my family for six years now, so I can say with some certainty that laser based holiday projectors are much better than normal lights..

Laser lights don’t need any stapling and climbing, there’s no risk involved, and the effects they can create are far more complex and convincing than anything I remember from my childhood. Our neighbors even used ask us to leave our decorations on until Groundhog Day, until they set up their own laser lights.

Seeing that people respond well to laser lighting, and how they are fairly unfamiliar with the systems, I decided to make it easier for them and begun works on Christmas Laser Lights HQ, as a hub for information and everything laser light-related.  It began innocently enough, but then more and more people started asking questions, obviously unhappy with the sources that had existed (if any), and before I knew it, it turned into a real business venture.

Setting up laser lights is not only fun and simple, but also very cost-effective. The goal of the Laser Lights is to help people worldwide enjoy the magic of Christmas and create lasting and fond memories.


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