Sparkle Magic Christmas Illuminator Laser Light

Are you tired of endlessly untangling your Christmas string lights? Don’t feel like hassling about cleaning the mess after the festivities? If you’re willing to go the extra mile to get the quality stuff, Sparkle Magic Lights are just the thing for you.

Everything about Sparkle Magic Christmas Lights You Wanted to Know, but Dared Not Ask

Christmas lights, despite the name, are not exclusively meant for Christmas. Shocking, isn’t it? However, decorating feels more Christmas-y than anything else.

The problem is, at least in certain parts of the world, it’s smack down in the middle of winter, and that means getting outside in the cold, where there are two possible scenarios – either you dress appropriately, but then develop butterfingers because of the added layers and gloves, or you underdress and keep the dexterity you need to string up the lights, but then freeze your snow globes off.

Sparkle Magic Lights reduce the hassle in this regard as they require no more than a couple of minutes to set up, and it’s more a matter of experimenting and deciding what to illuminate than actual installing, You can either stand them or mount upon a stake, or use any of the optional wall and clamp mounts.

Once you position your illuminator, you can just as well forget about it, as the extra durable casing will do a superb job of protecting it against the elements. They offer a quick plug-n-play setup, with a wide range of adjustable patterns.

You can enjoy peace of mind with the four-year warranty that comes with every purchase, which easily covers over 7000 of work hours.

Moreover, there are three colors to choose from (each illuminator being monochromatic) – Crimson Stars Red, Indigo Twilight Blue and Emerald Dust Green.

You can install them separately and have a flurry of blue, red or green laser dots liven up your wall or shrubbery, or buy all three (or a combination of two) to make complex multicolored patterns that will be the talk of the season.

To change the patterns and density of the laser points, simply twist the adjustment dial in front of the illuminator, just like you would on a spray bottle.

Practically speaking, one of the better things about these is that there are no visible wires and no daytime mess, just a customized laser light radiance.

Additionally, each illuminator laser light comes with its own UL listed and certified power adapter that is capable of powering up to three lights at once with the help of the optional three-to-one extension cord. The illuminators draw power from any standard household outlet.

Here’s where the Sparkle Christmas Lights win over the traditional lights – they are terrifically more power-efficient, and by virtue of that, cost-effective, than your traditional Christmas lighting.

So, if you were worried about paying the bills if you left them on through the night, don’t be. If you want to speak technically, each individual display consumes less than one Watt of juice.

Also, when it’s time to clean up, there are no unsightly nails or screws to remove, no lengths of cord with bulbs to carefully wind (honestly, no matter how carefully you pack them, they’ll still tangle within the box, just like headphones in pockets); all you have to do is dismount the illuminator, and put it away in its original packaging for efficient storage.

Artistically speaking, you can make use of one of the three available colors, or mix and match them to get a rainbow (well, half a rainbow, at least) of sparkling effects, both indoors and outdoors.

Interesting an offer as this might be, you’d think there’d be more to offer than a single standing light, but nothing’s perfect. This is the only downside to these puppies.

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