Why Christmas Lights Suck

Why Christmas lights sucks

Have you been thinking about getting and installing laser lighting for Christmas, only to end up deciding against it because you respect tradition, or because it reminds you of your parents and those happy childhood days? Think again. Think hard. Try remembering the cold outside, the slight touch of vertigo when you looked down from the ladder, the apprehension of passing the staple gun to your Dad? And then, when all was set up and looking dandy, you’d plug it in and a bulb burned out? Now, answer honestly – are you still in favor of the old over the new?

Christmas laser lights are not just a fad, they haven’t been over-hyped, and despite feeling new in comparison to string lights, they’re not even all that new. In a commercial sense, yes, but they’ve been around for quite some time. So, what are the most striking reasons to choose Laser Christmas lights over the traditional ones?

First and foremost, they are far easier to set up. While you had to string up the old incandescent lights, laser projectors need nothing more than mounting them on a stake (if the model comes with a stake for outside use), or just putting them wherever you need, and pointing at whatever you want.

Two – and this ties with the previous factor – while it used to be you had to climb up a ladder to position the string lights, risking falling off of it and injuring yourself, with laser projectors you don’t have to do it. This is not entirely true, as there are scenarios where climbing would still be necessary, but only if you wanted to put it somewhere high. However, they don’t require to be raised to illuminate tree tops or walls.

Thirdly, you have to admit that setting up things outside in the cold is far from pleasant. If you’re dressed appropriately, you’ll have trouble moving and handling stuff, if you dress for utility, you’ll get frostbite. Well, this last bit might be an exaggeration, but you get the point. Plus, there’s the added risk of a slick rung on a ladder, which, again, might cause injury.

Four, you wouldn’t have to mar your roof or wall with nails and staples, or damage the trees trying to fix the decorative lights. Moreover, and in the fifth place, you won’t have to worry about getting it all tangled up. True, there’s still the problem of the power cord, but traditional lights are cable throughout, whereas laser lights only have the one. Admit it, you’ve always found the problem of unpacking and untangling all the little bulbs and their wires tiresome and mood-killing.

Moreover, taking it down and packing should be just as easy as setting it up. Whereas you have to climb the ladder again to take the lights down, then pack everything carefully so that it doesn’t tangle in the box again (which it always does, just like earphones in your pocket), and then remove all the nails that you’ve previously driven into the roof or what have, with laser light all you need to do is unplug it, wind the power cord, and box it.

Number eight and nine, laser lights are cheaper than incandescent, as well as more cost-effective. True, the difference in price is not all that striking in the low and mid-range, but it might become scary higher up. However, laser lights are by far more energy efficient than traditional lights, drawing only a fraction of the power that a standard bulb might; the numbers approximate this to as high as 90 percent less power used. So, if you’re worried about the bill – don’t be.

Finally, the laser Christmas lights just look… better. By now, it’s all lost that futuristic vibe, becoming a part of the present, but the elegance, the vibrancy, and richness of the effects keeps it appealing and, in a way, captivating. While before you really had to strain your imagination to see Santa, or stars, or snowflake shapes in the string lights, now all you have to do is look.

More importantly, the kids are guaranteed to love it. You might remember setting up the lights with your parents fondly, but that’s just the veil of nostalgia. In reality, standing on a ladder with tangled cords in one hand and a staple gun in the other wasn’t pleasant, and your kids probably agree. With laser lights, all you have to do is plug it in and grin like an elf that got Santa’s autograph.