Christmas Laser Projectors or Traditional Christmas Lighting – Which One’s Cheaper?

To answer this question takes more than simply comparing the figures. The most important question shouldn’t be which one is cheaper, but rather – which one is more cost-effective? Some things pay in the short run, some in the long; some things you’ll use just once, others you’ll want to last you for ages. So, it’s not a simple matter of thinking if you have the money now, but will you have the money after.

What’s Cheaper – Laser Lights or Traditional Christmas Lights?

What’s implied by that little intro up there is that there are more criteria of a product’s value than just its price, which should be self-evident, but which nevertheless most people choose to overlook. Let’s mention just a few – the hassle factor, the longevity, the green effect, and the cost-effectiveness. The last two are connected, to an extent.

First and foremost, many people advocating the use of traditional lighting will emphasize this “tradition” part and invoke the related argument. They’ll tell you how fondly they remember sharing family moments stringing up those lights, the festive spirit and an atmosphere of security and peace among people. The thing is – they won’t be lying.

They’ll believe what they say because our minds play tricks on us and make memories happier to seem more palatable.

Objectively speaking, they must’ve hated every minute of it at the time – unpacking the lights, hoping everything is as packed, only to find a mess that needs to be untangled for at least half an hour before you’d even think of using it.

Then, there’s the small matter of scaling trees or climbing a wall to hang it somewhere where it would be visible, not to speak of needing to drive a nail or a screw in the wall so you can mount it somehow. This is an inelegant solution, for pretty as it may seem at night, lights flashing and all, it’s an unsightly nightmare when cleaning up is due.

With laser lights projectors, there’s no hassle, no untangling, no scaling, no nailing or screwing down – all you have to do is mount the thing and point it. Which is cheaper if you pay in time and nerves?

Another thing that the “traditionalists” tend to misrepresent is the reliability and longevity of the traditional Christmas lighting, and, again, they won’t be lying. But, if you’ve ever dealt with string lights, you must remember chasing down dead bulbs and replacing them so there’s no void, or cutting them out of the circuit and bypassing them so that the garland might work. This is not only annoying, it costs money. Additional money over what you had already paid.

Contrastively, with laser projectors there’s no such trouble. There are no dead points – when the projector dies out, it dies out completely, but not before serving anywhere between five and ten thousand hours. Again, a question – which one doesn’t put additional costs after buying it?

Third and fourth point sort of tie in together. These are the energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and the former invariably influences the latter. Incidentally, the former is also related to the product’s greenness, meaning that it’s environment-friendly thanks to its low power consumption. Most laser lights projectors will consume about a Watt to six Watts of power, which is a minute fraction of what a standard light bulb consumes.

Not only that, but most projectors will use the standard household outlets, so if you’d decided to power your household using solar panels, they become all the greener.

Logically, low power consumption implies low costs, so if you are worried about the bill after letting the lasers… well, lase the whole season, forget about it. It will probably cost you less than a single night of traditional lighting. Incidentally, this makes laser lights not only a good decorative lighting, but also an ideal night-lamp solution.

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